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Signs Your Heater is Failing

There’s nothing better than being toasty warm inside on a cold winter’s day — unless your heater is on the fritz. Before it conks out completely, there are a few warning signs that the heating element, fan, or other parts are failing. Understanding these can give you time to schedule furnace replacement in West Des Moines from your reliable friends at Lazer Home Services.

Your Furnace is Old

Did you know that your furnace has an expiration date? If you’ve been in your house for many years and haven’t replaced the furnace, it may be time. Check the manufacturer’s information sticker on the unit, or give an HVAC service a call if you can’t find one. Older furnaces naturally wear out, and will produce a lot of the other signs that you need a new one. Another sign of increasing age is uneven or poor temperature control, as the furnace simply can’t heat efficiently.

Spending More on Repairs and Heating Bills

If you haven’t changed your usage or family size much in the last year or two, but your utility bills are noticeably higher, then it could be due to an older furnace. When the filters are clogged, the furnace is dirty, or parts are wearing out, your heating unit needs to work harder, and this takes more energy. Or, you may note that you’re paying more for service calls, as each part of the furnace wears out. Either way, it could be time to just replace it.

Strange Noises and Smells

Loud bangs, rattles, or whooshing noises all indicate that there are problems with your furnace. This could be loose parts or fans that aren’t working right. Or, you may notice funny smells, including burnt dirt, when you turn on your furnace. Each noise and smell can indicate a different problem with the unit. However, if you use natural gas to heat your home, and you start smelling gas, you need to turn off the furnace and leave immediately, take your family and pets, and call your natural gas provider. This could indicate a dangerous gas leak.

Does Your Furnace Fit the Bill?

If your furnace is exhibiting several of these signs, don’t delay until it breaks in the middle of a cold Iowa Winter. Instead, call the team at Lazer Home Services for furnace repair or boiler replacement in Des Moines. We’ll help keep you warm!