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How to Help Prevent Burst Pipes in the Winter

If you’re reading this you might be wondering, why do pipes freeze and why is it dangerous? Simply put, water has a unique property that makes it expand as it freezes. This expansion property puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, like plastic or metal pipes.

No matter the strength of a container, freezing, expanding water can cause pipes to break. As a result, if left untreated, homeowners risk paying more than just the average repair costs for burst pipes.

Just think about the cost to replace damaged drywall or kitchen cabinets, should the water affect other areas of your home… Not to mention, if water enters your home, you’re also at risk of mold which can be hazardous to your loved ones!

Which Pipes Are Most Susceptible to Freezing?

All pipes have the opportunity to freeze, but the pipes that homeowners should keep a close eye on during the winter season are:

  • Outdoor hose bibs, water sprinkler lines, and swimming pool supply lines.
  • Pipes in unheated interior spaces like crawl spaces, basements, attics, kitchen cabinets, and garages.
  • Pipes that run up against exterior walls that have little to no insulation.

Tips for Preventing Pipes from Freezing:

  1. Have your thermostat set both during the day and night to no lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if you plan on leaving your home, keep your thermostat on to prevent freezing.
  2. Let your faucet drip. Running even a trickle of hot water through your pipes helps prevent them from freezing.
  3. Apply heating tape and add extra insulation where you can. The more you use, the lower the chances you’ll have of dealing with freezing pipes.
  4. Open up bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors to allow heat to get to un-insulated pipes under sinks and appliances near exterior walls

What to Do if You Suspect Frozen Pipes

If your pipes still froze despite your best preventive measures, don’t panic! Just because they’re frozen it doesn’t mean they’ve burst just yet. Check out this video to see a few things that you can do:

YouTube video

If you’ve noticed any warning signs of frozen pipes or suspect you have a burst pipe, minimize water damage and prevent further plumbing issues by giving Lazer Home Services a call. No matter the damage, our professionals can guarantee timely repairs. To learn more, just browse our site or contact us at your earliest convenience.