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How Do I Know When I Need a Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

Water heaters usually last from 10 to 15 years, and many of them can operate perfectly fine well past the manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty dates. However, these appliances that we frequently take for granted cannot last forever and will need repairs or total replacements eventually. The problem is: how can you tell when your water heater is on its last leg?

We at Lazer Home Services are expert plumbers and have a few warning signs you can look for to help you make that decision. If you see one or multiple problems indicated below, make sure to call us immediately. We perform professional hot water tank replacements in and around Polk County, IA, as well as many other water heater and plumbing services! 

Your Water Heater Needs Attention When . . .

The Water is Not Heating Correctly

When sediment builds up on and around heating elements, the water temperature can start to vary. In some cases, the heating element is the culprit for your shower water being too hot or not hot enough, but sediment is usually to blame for heating problems. If you have regularly flushed your water tank in the past, another flush could be necessary. However, if you haven’t flushed it in a long time, it may make things worse. Call the professionals if you are unsure.

The Tank is Leaking 

Check around the tank for any standing water. If there is a puddle, marked dampness, or mold or mildew is growing in the general area, you could have a tank leak caused by corrosion, physical damage, or rust. But don’t be overhasty and get a replacement just yet! Check fittings and pipes for cracks, corrosion, and leaks. If your tank is leaking, you could be in danger of a breakdown. 

You Hear Foreign Sounds in the Tank

There are normal sounds that your water heater makes that you can usually tune out, but louder noises, bumps, pops, and noticeable knocking sounds could indicate an issue. Generally, the heating element and sediment reacting to each other in the tank causes these sounds. If your tank is noisy and the water temperatures are fluctuating, the tank will most likely need replacing. 

Your Water is Discolored

Rust in the hot water tank or the pipes almost always causes water discoloration. Corrosion can lead to irreparable damage to the tank as well as leaks, and foul-looking and -smelling water. 

It is easy to forget about your water heater, especially if it’s located in the basement or garage, but when something goes wrong, you could be in for a rude (and cold) awakening! If your water heater shows any of the problems mentioned above or is far past the recommended replacement date, it may be time to call Lazer Home Services. We are proud to be professional water tank installation specialists in Polk County, IA, and we will happily take a look at your system and provide our expertise. Contact us today to learn more about our water heater and plumbing services!