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3 Tips for Pet-Proofing your Home’s HVAC System

Do you love your pets more than you hate HVAC maintenance?

If you answered “Yes” to that question, you are in luck! Lazer Home Services’ team of heating and cooling experts put together this brief list of vital HVAC maintenance tips for people just like you. Keep reading to learn more about pet-proofing your home’s HVAC system

Tip #1: “Not my hair, not my problem”

The biggest HVAC issue facing America’s pet owners is fur clogging up their system. Loose pet hair gets stuck in vents, air ducts, air filters, and pretty much anywhere else you neglect to maintain. The solution? Vacuum your rugs and carpets, sweep the floors, and BRUSH THOSE ANIMALS. To prevent vent-clogging, make sure all of the loose hairs on your pet make it to the trash can before they have a chance to get sucked up by the HVAC system. 

Tip #2: Change your air filter

If you fail to execute tip #1 correctly, you’re going to be doing a whole lot of tip #2. Either way, if you have one or multiple pets in your home, you must change your air filter more frequently than the average person. Not sure how to change an air filter? Fear not, as we’ll show you how in the video below.

After you pop in a fresh filter, your HVAC system will run more efficiently, and your air quality will improve. To avoid doing tip #2 over and over, do tip #1 over and over! It could be a great bonding experience for you and your pets. 

Tip #3: Protect your wiring (and your pets)

You know that large, noisy condenser unit out in the yard? It could be a danger to your dog. Aside from the spinning metal blades inside the unit, you also have dangerous wires connecting the unit to a power source. Imagine what would happen if your dog chewed through the insulation of those wires. To prevent stuff like that from happening, find a practical way to cover your HVAC wiring, or find very durable wire insulation. 


Consult with the HVAC masters at Lazer Home Services! We can answer any questions you have about pet-proofing your HVAC system. Additionally, if you need a furnace tune-up in Polk County, IA, we’ve got that covered. We also provide elite sump pump installations to Polk County, IA residents, and folks from neighboring communities. Call us to learn more about what we do!