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3 Common AC Problems

AC and HVAC units often experience problems when we least expect them. This is why we recommend regular maintenance checks for all of our customers here at Lazer Home Services. Essential tune-ups can prevent problems, save cash, and make AC units last up to years longer.

We’ve listed some common AC problems below so that you can be on the lookout and detect them before they become serious.

Some Areas Are Cooler or Warmer Than Others

Fluctuations in temperature are often the result of poor insulation, leaks in ductwork, or blocked vents. We recommend ensuring that all vents in your home are clean, unobstructed, and open. Sometimes, rooms that contain south-facing windows can become hotter than other rooms. In this case, apply blackout curtains during the hottest parts of the day. Alternatively, you could invest in zoning systems that control the temperatures in individual areas of your home.

Water is Dripping from the Air Conditioner

If you can see water dripping from the AC unit, inspect the condensate line to see if it’s clogged. If you identify a blockage, you can flush it out using compressed air in most cases. When refrigerant leaks from a drain line, it makes houses feel warmer and can cause ice to build over the coils within the air conditioner.

Frozen coils can also indicate airflow problems caused by debris, obstructed ductwork, or dirty filters. If any part of the AC unit is frozen, switch it off to thaw it out and contact a professional.

Strange Noises Are Coming from the AC Unit

Smacking sounds when the blower is running means that there is something stuck in the blades or the housing surrounding the fan. Switch the AC off, and inspect the blower for any debris.

Squealing or screeching sounds coming from the motor indicates a broken belt or motor bearing problem.

Thumping, banging, or clanging sounds mean that there could be a problem with the blower assembly or motor. If you identify any of these noises, call a professional immediately.

Clicking sounds when the AC is switched on or off signifies a problem with the relay. Also, rattling noises when the fan switches on the compressor could be a sign of loose hardware.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, click here to contact Lazer Home Services and we can help to identify and treat the problem before it becomes a bigger issue!