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Professional Bidet Installation Services You Can Trust in the Des Moines, IA Area

Adding a bidet to your Des Moines, IA  home can be extremely beneficial for your health and your wallet. While bidets originated in Europe, they are becoming increasingly popular in homes all across America. If you are interested in adding a bidet to your bathroom, look no further than the plumbing experts at Lazer Home Services. Our team of certified plumbers have the necessary skills, equipment, and knowledge to install a bidet in your home correctly the first time. With a world of different bidet options to choose from, you can rely on Lazer Home Services to walk you through all of your options and help you make the best decision for your needs. Call Lazer Home Services to learn more about our Professional Bidet Installation Services in the Des Moines, IA  area and book an appointment today!

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Benefits of Professional Bidet Installation Services from Lazer Home Services

There are truly endless benefits when it comes to installing a bidet in your Des Moines, IA   home. From health to cost savings, these plumbing fixtures can make a world of difference. Lazer Home Services is the top-rated bidet installer in the Des Moines, IA   area. With an abundance of bidet options on the market, you can rely on our plumbing pros to help you choose the right model for your needs and walk you through the installation process before ever beginning any work. Still not sure if a bidet is right for you and your Des Moines, IA   bathroom? Check out some of the top benefits of Professional Bidet Installation Services from Lazer Home Services:

  • Major Cost Savings:  Did you know that the average adult uses around 145 rolls of toilet paper a year according to a survey from TUSHY? If you have a full family in your Des Moines, IA   home, the cost of toilet paper can really add up! When you enlist Lazer Home Services to install a bidet in your bathroom, you can cut down on toilet paper costs significantly, saving you money in the long run. The one time cost of installing a bidet should certainly outweigh lifetime toilet paper costs. Learn more about the cost savings associated with bidets and call Lazer to schedule a Professional Bidet Installation today!
  • Health Benefits:  There is no denying that using the toilet is not exactly a “clean and pristine” experience. But, adding a bidet to your bathroom can seriously help accommodate this problem! If you or anyone in your Des Moines, IA   household suffer from health issues such as hemorrhoids, fissures, or other digestive issues, adding a bidet can significantly alleviate irritations with these health complications. Additionally, using a bidet can actually help prevent some of these issues as well as help prevent germs and bacteria associated with toilet paper usage. Call or schedule a bident installation online with Lazer Home Services and start improving your health today!
  • Reduce Your Environmental Footprint:  There is no denying that the production and usage of toilet paper is not leaving a great impact on the environment. It is estimated that in the U.S., we flush more than 30,000 trees down the toilet each year. By opting for a bidet in your Des Moines, IA   bathrooms, you can help significantly reduce your environmental impact. Lastly, toilet paper production is associated with deforestation, habitat loss, and water pollution – all of which negatively impact the environment. Help save the planet and enlist Lazer Home Services for Professional Bidet Installation Services by calling Lazer Home Services today.

Our Lazer Home Services plumbers specialize in all home Bidet Install l services, so call us today or schedule service via our Contact Us form. No matter what your bidet install needs are, our Des Moines, IA experts are ready with a hassle-free solution, upfront pricing, and customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

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How much does it cost to install a bidet?

The cost to install a bidet will vary significantly depending on what type of bidet you are looking to install in your Des Moines, IA home. Fortunately, there are many budget bidet options available on the market such as spray attachment and toilet seat bidets while higher-end models such as standalone and toilet bidets offer more additional features. Whatever your budget and bidet needs may be, Lazer Home Services can find and install the right model for you. If you are in need of Professional Bidet Installation Services in the Des Moines, IA area, call Lazer Home Services today!

Do you need a plumber to install a bidet seat?

While some highly experienced DIYers may be able to attempt bidet seat installation, it is typically recommended that you use a certified, professional plumber to install a bidet in your Des Moines, IA home. Many bidet models require extensive plumbing and sometimes electrical knowledge that the average homeowner may not have. If you are in need of Professional Bidet Installation Services, call Lazer Home Services to schedule an appointment.

Can I add a bidet to my existing toilet?

Yes, you absolutely can add a bidet to your existing toilet with a bidet toilet seat or spray attachment bidet! These types of bidets simply attach to your existing toilet while still providing all of the traditional benefits of a bidet. Call Lazer Home Services to learn about more bidet options and schedule your Professional Bidet Installation for your Des Moines, IA home today!

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