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Signs You Need a Whole Home Humidifier

When winter is in all its glory, and the white-laden snow outside resembles a powdery wonderland, you’ve probably got the heater on inside your Des Moines home to keep you and your family warm and comfortable. But annoyingly, that delightful warmth also brings skin dryness that has you scrambling for your moisturizer and lip balm. When this happens, it’s likely because the heated air in your home has killed any existing humidity. Below are some signs you need a whole-home humidifier.

Dry Skin, Cracked Lips, and Itchy Eyes

Dry air can irritate your skin, lips, and eyes, and no amount of moisturizer, balm, and drops seem to provide enough relief. To get some respite from this, a whole-home humidifier is a good addition to your indoor environment.


If you have a cold or cough, congestion is normal. But if you face it almost every day or cannot breathe as easily at night, it could be because the heater is drying out your nasal passages inside. First, it’s best to see a doctor and rule out any other long-term issues before adding a humidifier to your home.


If nosebleeds suddenly seem to be a common feature at home, dry air could be to blame. A humidifier increases moisture, which can provide relief and reduce nosebleeds. But you may also want to consider visiting a medical professional to see whether the nosebleeds could be because of something else as well.

Static Electricity

It’s incredibly irritating to touch different objects in the house and get hit with a bolt of static electricity. Dryness can increase the amount of static in your clothes, furniture, carpets, and hair. A humidifier can help to solve this problem.

Time to Add a Humidifier to your Home

When the humidity in your home falls below the recommended range between 30 and 50 percent, then you could benefit from a whole-home humidifier to make the indoor environment more comfortable. Raising the level of humidity can help to alleviate most problems associated with dry air. If you are looking for a home humidifier in Des Moines, call the indoor air quality specialists at Lazer Home Services today. We can help you identify the best solution for your specific needs.


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