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6 Signs Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up


As a trusted provider of furnace repair services in Polk County, IA, our team at Lazer Home Services takes pride in installing, maintaining, and replacing furnaces for customers all over our service area at any time of the year. With winter approaching, fall is an ideal time of the year to schedule a furnace tune-up as it helps to prevent problems and breakdowns in the colder months. 

Below are some signs that may indicate that your furnace needs a tune-up.

Strange Noises Coming from the System

Unusual sounds coming from your system could indicate that there is a problem. Some sounds are due to normal operational processes. However, hissing, dripping, groaning, humming, or grinding noises could mean that your system requires essential repairs.

Reduced Airflow

Your furnace is producing the ideal temperature, but warm air is failing to spread throughout the room. This is a clear indication of problems with airflow in the heating system. This could result in overheating, which may force the whole system to shut down.

Increased Heating Bills

Are your energy bills continuously on the rise? Inefficient systems need to work twice as hard as tuned-up systems to keep your house comfortable. This often leads to a substantial increase in energy bills.

Poor Air Quality

Is anyone in your family suffering from asthma-like symptoms? Have levels of dust increased throughout your home? Many older systems that have not been maintained may have blocked filters, which can lower the air quality within a home.

Strange Smells Coming from Your System

Strange smells coming from your furnace or any venting around the heater can be a sign that your condensate drain is clogged. When clogging occurs, drains become contaminated with slimes and molds. These can lead to leaks and lower the quality of the air inside your home.

Yellow Pilot Light

Most systems have pre-programmed safety signals to warn home and business owners of problems. If the yellow pilot light is permanently on or flashing, this indicates a problem with your furnace. A professional HVAC technician should be called as soon as possible to identify and fix the problem.

For additional information, or to schedule furnace maintenance, a sump pump installation in Polk County, IA, or another service, contact us today!

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