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5 Tips to Help Keep Your Heating Bill Low This Fall and Winter Season


For years, we at Lazer Home Services have been helping our customers keep their plumbing, heating, and electrical systems running as efficiently as they can. Therefore, we also know all too well how our customers want to keep their heating bills as low as possible throughout the fall and winter while maintaining optimum levels of comfort. 

The following tips will help you to keep your heating bills down to a minimum throughout the colder months.

Lower Your Thermostat

If you lower your thermostat temperature by just a few degrees, you probably won’t notice a big difference. However, this move can save between 5 and 10 percent off your heating bills. We recommend turning down the heat whenever you are due to leave your home for several hours. Try this for a month, and make a note of how much you have saved.

Change Air Filters

Clean air filters help increase the flow of air throughout your heating system. This allows hot air to flow smoothly through vents and into the rooms of your house. The strain on your furnace will also be reduced, which can extend the lifespan of the equipment. Filters should be changed every month, or whenever they are dirty.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can be costly, but this money will be reimbursed across the course of a year in decreased heating bills. If you use a programmable thermostat, you can also adjust the levels of heat using a predetermined schedule.

Seal Heating Ducts

Many ducts have tiny leaks that allow hot air to escape slowly. A roll of metallic tape can help prevent this leakage. It’s also possible to use liquid or aerosol-based sealant—which can be more efficient than tape. Lastly, pay close attention to duct areas that include bends, kinks, disconnections, and breaks.

Check for Air Leaks

Using a candle, check for air leaks throughout your home. Hold the flame near doors, windows, and light fixtures. If the smoke moves in a horizontal direction, you’ve identified an air leak. To solve this problem, consider installing some low-cost weather-stripping, caulking, or insulating material.

For more information on how we can help you keep your energy bills low this heating season, contact our team at Lazer Home Services today!

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