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Sounds That Indicate Your AC Needs Assistance

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Due to the incredible advancement in HVAC technology, the air conditioners we have today make little to no noise. If you hear your air conditioner make noises, this definitely means something is going on with your system. As a leading provider of AC, plumbing, and electrical repairs to the Polk County, IA, area, we’d like to offer some guidance on decoding the noises from your air conditioner.


If you are hearing buzzing noises from your air conditioning unit, it can mean several things. The fan blades may be loose or out of balance, the air filter may need to be replaced, or the blower may be out of balance. Also, the condenser coil may need cleaning and the outdoor fan motor may be loose or about to die out. A professional should be contacted if you think your system is experiencing any of these complications.


Occasional sounds of clanking are normal for an AC system. This clinking is the electrical components starting up and shutting down, but if you are constantly hearing the clinking noise, it is most likely a larger issue. It may mean that the compressor is loose and needs a replacement or that the blades of the indoor blower or outdoor fan are hitting other parts. 


If you hear a banging sound, there is for sure a loose or broken part within your air conditioning compressor. It could be the crankshaft, piston pin, or connecting rod that needs repair or replacement.


If you hear rattling coming from your AC system, the first thing you should do is look for loose bolts or screws. Rattling is a sign that your air conditioner parts are not as tight as they should be and that the overall system is failing. The rattling could be from the fan loosening, but it could also be twigs or sticks stuck in the system. It’s best to let a professional identify the problem at hand.


Squealing or squeaking noises are caused by the blower or fan of the AC system. Blower wheels squeal when they require maintenance, so contact Lazer Home Services if you hear this sound.

Unusual noises from your AC system should not be ignored. If sounds are occurring that are unfamiliar to you, you should contact a professional at Lazer Home Services to assist you. Lazer Home Services provides plumbing, HVAC, and furnace maintenance to the Polk County, IA, area, so feel free to contact us today! 

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