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Common AC Issues And How to Remedy Them


Spring weather in the Midwest can be, in a word, crazy. One minute, snow is in the forecast, and the next, it feels like it’s time to retrieve your summer clothes from storage, break out the backyard barbecue, and crank up the air conditioning.

If, on those warmer days, you notice the AC unit isn’t quite performing up to snuff, now’s the time to get to the bottom of the problem. Here are some common AC issues our expert technicians at Lazer Home Services tend to see when Des Moines area residents wake their air conditioners up from winter hibernation.

The Filter is Dirty

The job of the AC filter is to trap particles and pollutants so the air circulating through your home is fresh and clean, but as you might imagine, too much buildup on the filter keeps it from doing that job effectively.

Coils Are Frozen or Dirty

An AC has coils both in the evaporator (inside) and condenser (outside), and they work together to cool the air indoors and exchange and expel the heat outdoors. When the AC’s evaporator coils freeze or the condenser coils become caked with grime, that impedes the heat exchange process and causes the entire system to work overtime.

Refrigerant Levels Are Low

Refrigerant is vital to the entire system because it’s responsible for treating hot, humid air and keeping you cool and comfortable. If your unit is blowing warm air, that could mean there’s a leak somewhere in your AC system.

The Drain is Clogged

In order to discard all the moisture your AC system extracts from the air, it needs a clear drainage line. Drain backups can cause costly damage and leakage within the system.

The Thermostat is Broken

The root of AC issues could be as simple as a malfunctioning or poorly calibrated thermostat.

Now that you’ve tried to troubleshoot your AC issues, what can you do to remedy them? Check out this quick slideshow video for a few maintenance tips.

Don’t feel like much of a do-it-yourselfer? No problem; that’s what we’re here for! The air conditioner maintenance experts at Lazer Home Services are ready to help you diagnose and fix any AC problems before the spring weather roller coaster ends and summer officially begins. Call us today to schedule service.

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